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How to protect PCB board from water damage ?

Emma Mai / 2017-11-17

All most people say that : i don’t want my PCB board to be damaged by water , but how could i do ? Don’t warry that , conformal coating would help you a lot .Conformal coating is a very special formula painting to protect PCB and related equipment from environmental erosion . It plays an important role of protection of circuit boards and can effectively play a moisture-proof , anti-corrosion and anti-salt mist effect to improve and extend it’s usage life and ensure the use of safety and reliability Conformal coating , different kinds , different application environment .There are 3 kinds frequently used coating

1. Acrylic acid conformal coating , accept temperature : 60-130 degree . At normal temperature , surface immobilization would need a few minutes , totally immobilized , would need 24 hours . You could heat it to 60 degree , then just take you half an hour . The price would be a little cheap , so inormally speaking it would be used in consumer electronic products , like TV , Moblie phone and instruments

2. Polyurethane conformal coating , better than acrylic acid , when it immobilized , the formative film is more tough , the effect of moisture-proo , anti-corrosion and anti-salt mist is better , totally no toluene , no smell . Accept temperature also between 60-130 degree . The time of immobilization is the same as acrylic acid . It could be used in industrial control , electronic power and transducer

3.Silicone electronic moisture-proof plastic , it’s very easy to use . Immobilization speed very fast . Normally temperature , surface immobilization just needs 10-30 minutes , totally immobilization , needs 24 hours . Heat up to 60 degree , half an hour , totally in immobilization . The abrasion resistance is very wonderful . It’s very adhesive to printed circuit board . The acceptance temperature could be -60-130 degree 

More and more people keep asking me how to keep the PCB board working even in water environment or against bad environment . That is How  . If you want to know more about conformal caoting knowledge or the price of PCB board painting it , you could contact PCBA STORE or email Emma sales03@pcbastore.com , just tell her your confusion and answer .

Truly hope this could help you a lot