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Flexible PCB Specification

PCB type:Only a flexible PCB or mixed rigid PCB and flexible PCB.
Board type:The full board are by only one single board or be arrayed with the same or different PCBs
X-out Allowance in Panel:
* Dimensions (single):Input the maximum length and width of the board X mm
* Quantity (single):Input the order quantity pcs
Layers:The number of conductive layers
Stack-up for FPC
Base Material:One of commonly used dielectric base materials
FPC Thickness:The FPC thickness does not include the thickness of stiffener or 3M/tesa tape.
* Unit: mm Tolerance is + /-10%
Finished Copper:The weight (in ounces) of copper present in one square foot of area. This parameter indicates the overall thickness of copper on the outer layer.
Min Track/Spacing:The minimum width of any conductors/Minimum distance between any two adjacent traces
Min Hole Size:The minimum diameter of the plated through holes
Surface Finish:Extra process to exposed copper to help solderability
Coverlay (Solder Mask):The color of mask used to cover the copper on the FPC.
Silk screen:The color of text printed on FPC.
Stiffener: Material added to a flex circuit board to rigidize particular areas or perform other special functions, such as increase overall thickness; protect solder joints; heat dissipation, and so on.
3M/Tesa tape:The tape that attaches the whole or part of the FPC board on the other object

+Additional Options(EMI shielding film, Blind vias, Impedance control,and so on)

Other Special request:

• Tip: If you have any requirement that are not listed on the online quotation form or any items can not be selected or inputted, PLS simply send the PCB files to your Sales Rep Email or for quotation.
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The above PCBs need assembly service
PCBA Quantity: pcs
SMT Side(s):Are SMD parts mounted on one side only or both sides?
Number of Unique Parts(BOM lines):The total number of the unique manufacturer part numbers in you BOM. It's the same number with BOM lines when each BOM line represents a unique part number.
Number of SMT Parts:The total number of all surface mount parts on each board.
Number of Through-Hole Parts:The total number of thru-holes(THT) parts on each board.
Components Service: Stencil:

+Additional Options(Conformal Coating,Box-bulid assembly etc. not included in the online pricing)

Conformal Coating:
QTY of X-Ray Inspect needs: pcs
Burn program by PCBAStore:
Product Functional Testing by PCBAStore:
Finished Panel PCBA Separated into single to ship:
Product box build and product assembly( Box-bulid assembly):
Detailed information of assembly:

Tips: * PCB assembly prices do not include PCB fabrication or the cost of components.
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* For electronic components price, please upload the BOM in your shopping cart or email us
* Our PCB Assembly process is Lead-free.If you request leaded process, please inform us.
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Order together with PCB

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