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  • Everything About Quick Turn PCB

    Quick turn PCB is a game-changer not only for manufacturers but also clients. It reduces the manufacturing time and saves money. The PCB prototypes can help avoid costly flaws by detecting issues that could go unnoticed until it's too late.

    2021-07-20 Simon 99
  • Everything You Should Know About Cold Solder Joint

    2021-06-15 Simon 354
  • What Are PCB Gold Fingers?

    PCB Gold Fingers are the narrow, long, thin, and columned connections on the edge of a printed circuit board and whose purpose is to enable the board to connect with others.

    2021-06-15 Simon 240
  • 2021 Detail Guide About Ceramic Substrates

    A ceramic substrate is a type of material used in the production of electronic components. Ceramic substrates are typically made from alumina, zirconia, or mullite and can be found in different forms such as thin films, sheets, wafers, and more.

    2021-06-15 Simon 229
  • 2021 Detail Guide for Bluetooth Circuit

    A Bluetooth circuit is considered the ground of the Bluetooth and comprise of various components, including capacitors, integrated circuits, and power source. The Bluetooth circuit also possesses backed wired-in audio, Bluetooth modules, among others.

    2021-05-30 Simon 356
  • What is Black Printed Circuit Board

    The black printed circuit board is a black-colored circuit board whose solder mask is black. This mask coating is necessarily the only black material on PCB board, although other materials can also be black.

    2021-05-30 Simon 733
  • What is A PCB Mount Transformer

    A PCB mount transformer is an elemental component of running computer boards. Through induction, a board mount transformer transfers power from one circuit or device to another. The device is compact, reliable, and durable as long as you treat them carefully.

    2021-05-30 Simon 322
  • All About PCB Capacitors and Identifying Transformers Having Them

    It is obvious that capacitors store energy and it is among the different applications for supplying energy to circuit, similarly to any battery. The issue here is that capacitors have low energy density compared to batteries as they can't pack much energy similarly to the equally sized chemical batteries

    2021-05-17 Simon 412
  • An Overview of Circuit Board Diodes

    This article will answer all your diodes-related queries and give you a detailed overview of its various types, applications along with how it is tested.

    2021-05-15 Simon 575
  • All You Need to Know about Custom Shielding

    Custom shielding has become an essential part of the PCB and electrical industry. The reason for the growing demand is the use of digital circuits in most devices.

    2021-05-15 Simon 216
  • All You Need to Know About Solder Paste

    Solder paste, which is a mix of small metallic balls and flux is now preferred for use in most large-scale PCB assemblies. The accuracy of stencil printers and the versatility of jet printers ensure that the finished PCB is durable and functions as per requirements.

    2021-05-08 Simon 324
  • 2021 Detail Guide for PCB Ground Plane

    The appropriate grounding is an essential deliberation for every PCB board. Despite that, this concept is literally confusing, and its implementation can be tricky. Fortunately, comprehending the current flow and utilizing techniques and practices stressed in this piece can help.

    2021-04-26 Simon 280
  • Solder Pad Repairing And Cleaning Up

    A solder pad is a designated surface you get to see on a board of an integrated circuit die. They are the small surface of copper in PCBs that allows soldering the specific component to the board.

    2021-04-25 Simon 540
  • What is PCB Impedance Calculation and Why It Is Important

    PCB impedance calculation refers to the calculation of the approximate impedance dimension of a PCB board. The calculation is important as it helps engineers and designers to be precise when designing circuit boards.

    2021-04-25 Simon 209
  • What is Reflow Soldering and Reflow Soldering Process

    Reflow soldering is a simple process that employs solder paste in molten form in order to connect electrical components to the PCB board, it can be vital to making sure that PCB components are wholly and strongly soldered

    2021-04-19 Simon 384
  • Rapid PCB Prototyping: How to choose the best service?

    Rapid PCB Prototyping is actually a process consisting of different methods that you can use for prototyping the products. The prototype, in turn, can again be used for validation of the final outcome.

    2021-04-15 Simon 252
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