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  • How Much Does PCB Prototype Cost?

    Many engineers or product managers would like to know the PCB prototype cost before their innovative idea turn into reality

    2019-04-29 Aries 3664
  • The Detection Method of The Circuit Board Fault

    First, carefully observe the surface of the faulty circuit board for obvious signs of failure. Such as: whether the scorched burning integrated IC Or other components, the circuit board is broken traces of break.

    2019-04-23 Peter 3772
  • Multilayer PCB Manufacturing – Up to 40 Layers

    PCBA STORE is able to meet the demand for the increased layer count of conventional circuit boards. Multilayer PCB designs allow the engineer to create more powerful boards while at the same time shrink the overall size of the PCB.

    2018-01-11 Peter 4125
  • How to identify your electronics manufacturing service providers ?

    You may have a long-term cooperation in the electronics manufacturing services, you can rest assured that the processing orders to him. But you have thought he really worthy of your trust?

    2018-01-11 Peter 3404
  • How to Control Your PCB Cost?

    Recently, the PCB factory continuously sent the price increase notice, because of the price increase of raw materials, higher processing cost, etc., how to calculate and control the cost of PCB board?

    2021-03-04 Peter 4095
  • What Is SMT and How to Calculate Automated SMT Assembly Cost?

    PCBA Store offers reasonable prices for automated surface mount assembly services. So the majority of customers contact us and enquire how much does automated SMT assembly cost.

    2020-12-10 Peter 9964
  • PCB Basic Design Rules and Tips

    PCBA Store has rich experience on multilayer PCB design, here we want to share you some knowledge about the design rules of 28 layers PCB.

    2021-01-08 Peter 7987
  • What is Flexible PCB and Flex Circuits?

    Flexible PCB is a common term that is synonymous with flexible circuits. PCB stands for “printed circuit board” and is generally used to describe rigid printed circuitry. The term “flexible PCB” is a little contradictory because “boards” aren’t really flexible.

    2018-01-11 Luna 4056
  • How to Generate PCB Gerber File from Cadence Allegro?

    Different PCB design software feature different operation steps of Gerber files generation. In the following part of this article, Gerber file generation methods from Allegro will be displayed

    2020-11-09 Luna 16213
  • How To Create Circuit Boards And Choose PCB Design Software

    A Gerber file for each section of your electronic circuit design is what you need if you want to create a PCB In order to ensure delivery time and reliability of end products, PCB design engineers should learn to generate Gerber files on their own

    2018-01-09 Luna 5059
  • Why is PCB Design Important for a Successful In-Circuit Test?

    In spite of the development of competing test technologies, In-Circuit Test (ICT) remains one of the effective ways of testing a PCB assembly. The enduring appeal of the ICT comes from the test speed, which is usually only a few seconds.

    2018-01-09 Fannie 3519
  • Why is my PCB Assembly Quote so Expensive?

    Sometimes you may find when you need to assembly some pcb board but with very high cost, for many reason here I want to show you how to reduce assembly cost.

    2018-01-09 Fannie 3135
  • The Process of PCBA Processing Cooperation

    Aftert the establishment of a partnership between electronic product developers and PCBA manufacturers, many processes are needed to smooth the cooperation between the two sides. Next, we introduce some processes needed for the PCBA process cooperation.

    2018-01-09 Fannie 3390
  • Teach you how to choose a suitable PCB factory

    High-precision electronic products generally go through three stages: R & D, trial production, mass production, how to choose the PCB factory in different periods? Many circuit designers and purchasing can not find the right supplier accurately.

    2018-01-09 Fannie 2766
  • High Speed PCB Design Explained In Details

    As a technology leader in PCB design, High-speed, signal integrity and EMC, PCBA STORE understands your development challenges.

    2021-01-06 Fannie 3846
  • Aluminum PCB substrate the same as the printed circuit board

    It is common in LED lighting products.There are pros and cons, the white side is the welding LED pin, the other side is aluminum, and the thermal conductivity is usually applied to the thermal conduction part.There are ceramic substrate and so on.

    2018-01-09 Fannie 3061
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