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PCB Manufacture Comparison

peter / 2019-06-27

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How to do a comparison from so many different PCB factories?


Nowadays, the demand for PCB is increasing. There are many PCB manufacturers in Shenzhen. Although there are many manufacturers, the strength of PCB factories is different.Choosing a PCB manufacturer can be considered from the following aspects.


1.     In order to achieve higher cooperation efficiency, it is very important to know service quality through peer word-of-mouth feedback in the selection process.

2.     By understanding the production scale and equipment perfection of PCB manufacturers, we can directly judge the comprehensive strength of PCB manufacturers and find PCB manufacturers with guaranteed strength, so as to meet the requirements of customers on delivery time and quality of goods.

3. PCB manufacturers with guaranteed quality have very high requirements for quality inspectors, and will have strict quality inspection process and inspection standards. Therefore, we should pay attention to the quality inspection standards and procedures when selecting PCB manufacturers.

4. Pay attention to the service attitude of the manufacturer

Good attitude is the basis and premise of providing good service, PCB proofing manufacturers only have a good service attitude, is the minimum respect to customers, can promote the win-win cooperation between the two sides.

5.It should be noted that among the influencing factors of users' choice, brand reputation accounts for a high proportion.If PCB circuit board manufacturers in the industry there are a lot of negative news and news, it indicates that the user's recognition of it is not high, so that the brand reputation is not good, not worth the user's choice.

6. We should pay attention to whether there are many cooperation cases. Generally, we can clearly understand the industry cases cooperated by PCB proofing manufacturers on their websites.