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PCB Specification Selection

Board type:
X-out Allowance in Panel:
Different Design in Panel: e.g.
* Dimensions (single):Board dimension refers to L*W.If board is round, the size is D*D (D=Diameter).
Tolerance: +/-0.16mm as default.
X mm
* Quantity (single): pcs
* Unit: mm Tolerance is + /-10%
Finished Copper:
Min Track/Spacing:
Min Via Hole Size:
Surface Finish:
Via Process:
Solder Mask:
Silk screen:
Blind hole:

• Tip: If you have any requirement that are not listed on the online quotation form or any items can not be selected or inputted, PLS simply send the PCB files to your Sales Rep Email or for quotation.
PCBAStore promise to keep your private information 100% safe.

The above PCBs need assembly service
PCBA Quantity: pcs
SMT Side(s):Are SMD parts mounted on one side only or both sides?
Number of Unique Parts(BOM lines):The total number of the unique manufacturer part numbers in you BOM. It's the same number with BOM lines when each BOM line represents a unique part number.
Number of SMT Parts:The total number of all surface mount parts on each board.
Number of Through-Hole Parts:The total number of thru-holes(THT) parts on each board.
Components Service: Stencil:

+Additional Options(Conformal Coating,Box-bulid assembly etc. not included in the online pricing)

Conformal Coating:
QTY of X-Ray Inspect needs: pcs
Burn program by PCBAStore:
Product Functional Testing by PCBAStore:
Finished Panel PCBA Separated into single to ship:
Product box build and product assembly( Box-bulid assembly):
Detailed information of assembly:

Tips: * PCB assembly prices do not include PCB fabrication or the cost of components.
* For PCB quote, please kindly click and select from the online PCB quote system.
* For electronic components price, please upload the BOM in your shopping cart or email us
* Our PCB Assembly process is Lead-free.If you request leaded process, please inform us.
* You also could send us your PCB file,BOM file and requirement to for a precise quotation.

Order together with PCB

Payment Method:PCBAStore accept Paypal, TT, Western Union and other methods. If you order online, you could choose Paypal payment directly. If you want to pay by other method, please contact the customer service to confirm.

Shipment Method:PCBAStore could offer DHL, Fedex, TNT and HongKong Post, E-packet, EMS, SF express and other more methods. Online payment only support DHL for the moment. Please contact yoursales rep to confirm if you need other shipment methods.


Advantages of Online PCB Quote

Instant Quotes: No more waiting around to get the perfect PCB quote. You can get quotes instantly by uploading your PCB design.

No Minimum Orders: You can get PCB quotes even for one design. It is a great advantage for small manufacturers who would like to scale up in the future.

Online Tracking: Get updates on your PCB manufacturing project all through a website. You can also make changes to your project without the hassle of calling or emailing vendors.

Intellectual Property: You can upload your designs through secure portals, without sending any documents via email. It is a foolproof way to safeguard your intellectual property.

Sourcing and Purchasing: No more dealing with suppliers by yourself. The online PCB quote portals ensure they do all of the groundwork so you can focus on your innovations.

Who Can Benefit from Online PCB Quote?

Start-Up Businesses: If your company deals with on-demand manufacturing or cloud manufacturing, you could significantly cut costs by processing small orders. To achieve this, online PCB quotes can help immensely as they do not ask for a minimum number of orders.

Engineers: As an engineer, you are aware that a design is never finalized in one day. It goes through multiple changes before it can be manufactured. Through every stage, an engineer can check the quotes of the PCB by creating an online project, and consider changing the design if the price seems uncompetitive.

Sourcing Teams at Multinationals: Big companies that manufacture PCBs in higher volumes usually have sourcing teams that deal with the pricing with vendors. These teams can upload the designs that come from the R&D team of the company and get instant quotes for high-volume manufacturing.

Start Your PCB Design Project Today

With online PCB quotes now instantly available, there is no need to worry about your inventory or high prices of sourcing and manufacturing. All you need to do is start your project, and the online portal will take care of the rest.

The best way to get your business to succeed is to know that there is a budget-friendly, transparent, and seamless process always ready to help you take your top PCB prototypes quickly to the market.

Q1: Can I increase the order quantity once an order has been placed?


 Unfortunately, we cannot increase the order quantity once the order is in the process of fulfillment. However, you can add a new order for the additional quantity at any time. We can arrange for all orders to be shipped together, if required, and will recalculate shipping costs accordingly.

Q2: Can I order the boards that my friend or colleague have ordered from you in the past?


Yes. When you place a new order, please provide full details of the order number you wish to replicate and we will check that you belong the same company.

Q3: If I want to ship two orders together, how much money can I save?


If you wish to combine orders, we will recalculate the shipping cost according to the weight of the order.

Q4: How can I place an order? / What are the steps involved in placing an order online?


We prefer customers to place orders online. You can place your order online in six simple steps: 

Step 1: If you are a new customer, please register an account.

Step 2: Login to our website.

Step 3: Click the "start quote" option on the home page, input the full details of your specification requirements. To generate an instant quotation select "Quote," and "Add to cart." 

Step 4: You can add additional items to your order by repeating Step 3. Once you have placed all the items into the cart, select the "Check out" option.

Step 5: Complete the check-out process and upload your design files.

Step 6: After you have placed your order, you can track its progress online at any point. 

Your design will be reviewed before production, and you will be contacted if there are any discrepancies. Please ensure you check your emails on a regular basis to ensure you are available to answer any questions our technicians may have, and to respond to their suggestions.

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