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E-mail : svc@pcbastore.com

Order FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

As one of the most cost-effective and high quality PCB fabricator and PCB Assembly servicer, we are having more than hundreds new engineers using our services for their research work. We are answering questions from around the world on the daily basis concerning their PCB and assembly business. We aggregate these questions for our new customers to know about our product and service.

Q1: Can I increase the order quantity once an order has been placed?


 Unfortunately, we cannot increase the order quantity once the order is in the process of fulfillment. However, you can add a new order for the additional quantity at any time. We can arrange for all orders to be shipped together, if required, and will recalculate shipping costs accordingly.

Q2: Can I order the boards that my friend or colleague have ordered from you in the past?


Yes. When you place a new order, please provide full details of the order number you wish to replicate and we will check that you belong the same company.

Q3: If I want to ship two orders together, how much money can I save?


If you wish to combine orders, we will recalculate the shipping cost according to the weight of the order.

Q4: How can I place an order? / What are the steps involved in placing an order online?


We prefer customers to place orders online. You can place your order online in six simple steps: 

Step 1: If you are a new customer, please register an account.

Step 2: Login to our website.

Step 3: Click the "start quote" option on the home page, input the full details of your specification requirements. To generate an instant quotation select "Quote," and "Add to cart." 

Step 4: You can add additional items to your order by repeating Step 3. Once you have placed all the items into the cart, select the "Check out" option.

Step 5: Complete the check-out process and upload your design files.

Step 6: After you have placed your order, you can track its progress online at any point. 

Your design will be reviewed before production, and you will be contacted if there are any discrepancies. Please ensure you check your emails on a regular basis to ensure you are available to answer any questions our technicians may have, and to respond to their suggestions.

Q5: How can I repeat a previous order? Do I need to upload or send files for reorders?


If you would like to repeat a previous order, you can do so by following the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Login to our website www.PCBAstore.com/

Step 2: Visit "My Account," click "Order history," and search for the order you wish to repeat in your order history.

Step 3: Verify that the information is correct and then click on the "Reorder" button.

Step 4: Provide the full specifications and then select "Quote," and "Add to cart."

Step 5: Add any additional items you want to add to your order. Once all the items are in the cart, select the "Check out" option.

Step 6: Complete the check-out process.

There is no need to resend any files if you wish to repeat an order

Q6: I cannot locate the area in which I should upload the files?


Please click the "upload" button, which is located below the PCB specifications. Alternatively, you can send the files directly to us at sales@PCBAstore.com.

Q7: How can I reorder?


Go to menu "My account" > "Order history" > "Display order detail" and select the "Reorder" button that is located next to the order you wish to repeat.

Q8: How can I place an order with FR4?


 Please click "Start Quote" option on the homepage, complete the specification details according to your design, select "Quote" > "Add To Cart" > "Checkout." Select your payment method, choose the option you would like to pay for and click "Continue" > "Submit order."

Q9: How can I track the fabrication and shipping status of my order?


We have developed the industry-leading system of easily tracking the fabrication status online in your account with PCBAstore.com. You can also track the shipping status after we send out your PCBs to your address through API of DHL. It is easy and fun!

Q10: Can I cancel order if I feel I can not receive my PCBs due to PCBAstore’s fault after tracking the fabrication status online?


We promise 100% satisfaction and we are keeping a record of 99% on-time delivery! If you feel you can not receive your PCBs as scheduled due to our fault, you can cancel the order and ask for full refund or credit your PCBAstore.com account for payment of your next order.

Q11: How should I send the files to you?


1.Via web: login to your account and select "My Account" > "Order history." Click on the relevant order number to display the details. In the "Products ordered" area beside each part number, click on the "Upload" button to upload your file online.

2.Via email: When you click on the "Upload" button, you will be presented with a pop-up page that contains details of the email address to which you can send the required files.

3.Via direct email: Send an email with the required files attached to sales@PCBAstore.com. Please ensure you indicate the order number to which the files correspond.

Q12: How can I get a quote?


At PCBAstore.com, you can use our hassle-free online quote system to get your price instantly and immediately after you input a few parameters online. Of course you can still ask for a traditional quotation request by sending email to service@PCBAstore.com and our service person will quote within 24 hours, do not forget to enclose your Gerber files and all other necessary files for PCB quotation.

Q13: Where can I find details of the product prices? / What information do you need to generate an accurate quotation?


There are two ways to get an accurate quotation.

1) You can visit our website at www.PCBAstore.com, where you can generate a quotation online. OR

2) You can send the specifications and Gerber files for the PCBs you require to our sales team at sales@PCBAstore.com, and we will issue a quotation via email.

Q14: In which circumstances will you charge additional costs? Are the special costs one -time costs or recurring costs?


We will either charge or refund any differences between charges if there are differences between the online quotation and the cost of production once the full specification is confirmed. If fulfilling your order requires any special requirements or techniques, you may be charged additional costs. Additional costs may be levied for the following: Laser drill, back drill, countersunk, counter bore, edges plated, skip V-scoring, half-cutted via, vias filled with epoxy, via in pad / vias filled with copper, requirement for 100% failure free in panel, special press-fit connectors, multi-type surface finish, multi-color silkscreen or solder mask, surface finish (ENIG) area in the boards exceed standard (15 %), gold thickness exceeds standard of 1-3 micro inches, over-sized board (width size / height size 600mm or more than 600 mm), ultra small board (width size and height size are both less than 25 mm), special packing requirements, etc. Yes,they're allways recurring costs.

Q15: How can I pay for the order? / What payment methods are available? / Can I pay via PayPal/Western Union/ Wire Transfer


Our preferred payment method is PayPal, and our PayPal account is pay@PCBAstore.com. Please kindly note your order number in the comments field when you pay directly to our PayPal account.

We also accept the following payment methods:Wire Transfer ,Western Union

Q16: Can I pay by credit card?


Yes, you can pay using your credit card via PayPal. Unfortunately, PCBAstore cannot process credit card payments directly.

Q17: I have placed a PCB order; however, I haven't made the payment. Can we include the assembly cost in the quote so that I can pay for it all at once?


Yes. After the assembly quote and BOM are confirmed, we will add the assembly cost to the order and send you the final invoice so that you can make the full payment.

Q18: What should I do if I have not received the PayPal link?


Please contact us at sales@PCBAstore.com and we will send the PayPal link to you. Alternatively, you can send the money to our PayPal account at payment@PCBAstore.com. Please ensure you note the order number with any payment you send.