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When to Use Custom PCB Prototype and Assembly

luna / 2019-07-15

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For all the electronic PCB products, it is better to make some PCB prototypes before mass production, you can test the boards to find any design flawsin PCB fabrication based on that design, so that can confirm that the PCB design can work normally that the designer wants to realize and achievethe functions.

Developing a new PCB board based solution would spend a lot of time and laborious. Reducing the time and cost associated with the development process can greatly improve your next project's chance of success.

But when to use the custom PCB prototype service?


There are 2 situations for your reference.

1.If you are familiar with the PCB technology, you can directly complete your design and prepare all the data, such as Gerber, BOM list and specificationdocuments and then send all them to the PCB supplier that you are ready to select for cost inquiry and finally confirm with them if the board can be achieved.


2. If you are not familiar with the PCB technology, or you have special requirements for the technology, and you are not sure if they can meet your requirements on the technology, then you need to consult the PCB supplier of your choice before the PCB design, and then start to design after getting theirreply, it will save you a lot of time and laborious.


In standard PCB production or mass production, we are actually making the boards based on the files you have confirmed in the prototype.

If you are working from an existing design you have used before, you may can jump directly to the standard PCB production service. Since design flaws are much less likely, it could save you some time to get the standard boards you need right away. If you are testing a new design, we highly recommend you engage our PCB prototype service. You may take some time, but it is necessary to verify that your design works before standard production, which could save you considerable time and money if you do uncover design flaws.

For a prototype assembly quote, you need to provide the following files:

BOM list
Gerber files
Quantity required

Special Requirements


Find a Quality PCB Prototype Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at PCBA Store.Welcome to send your design to sales06@pcbastore.com, we would provide to you the best price and best service as we could.