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  • When to Use Custom PCB Prototype and Assembly

    For all the electronic PCB products, it is better to make some PCB prototypes before mass production, you can test the boards to find any design flawsin PCB fabrication based on that design

    2019-07-15 luna 3880
  • What is PCB fabrication prototype

    PCB fabrication prototype refers to the trial production of printed circuit boards before mass production. The main application is the process of small batch trial production to the factory after the engineer designs the circuit to complete the PCB

    2019-07-15 Andy 3885
  • What Files Are Required For Your PCB Manufacturing And Assembling?

    In order to meet more demands from different electronics engineers, tons of design software and tools appear for them to choose and use, some are even for free.

    2019-07-04 Byron 3412
  • What Are Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC)?

    Flexible Printed Circuit Board, also known as "FPC ", it’s mainly composed of CU (Copperfoil), A(Adhesive) and PI (Kapton, Polyimide), which has many advantages that rigid printed circuit boards do not have

    2021-01-09 joey 8104
  • PCB Manufacture Comparison

    Nowadays, the demand for PCB is increasing. There are many PCB manufacturers in Shenzhen. Although there are many manufacturers, the strength of PCB factories is different.Choosing a PCB manufacturer can be considered from the following aspects.

    2019-06-27 peter 2536
  • Optimizing PCB prototype design to lower Manufacturing Costs

    PCB cost reduction starts from the PCB design, PCB prototype also needs good design. A good design is everything. A great product is easy to predict with excellent product design.

    2019-06-25 Aries 1578
  • How to Reduce PCB Prototype Price?

    It is wise for electronic manufacturers and businesses to first order a PCB prototype sample, the purpose of doing so is to go through testing in order to detect any potential errors and optimize for the final stage.

    2021-03-03 Aries 3643
  • What should your multilayer PCB consider in the 5G era?

    5G is the fifth generation of wireless technology. it has been elevated to belong to the most essential inventions by the modern man, —the handful of technologies throughout history that transform industries across every sector of the economy … redefining work

    2019-05-23 joey 3482
  • Does Print PCB Online Is Reliable?

    What are the benefits of printing PCB online, and how can you print PCB online? In this post, you will discover why it is beneficial to design PCB online and how to do it like a pro

    2021-03-03 Fannie 2468
  • How To Control The Quality Of PCB SMT Assembly?

    With the development of PCB SMT Technology, more SMD parts are applied to replace THT parts to reduce the abuse of space.but it has also brought higher requirements and some problem during PCB assembly, especially in the accuracy of solder paste printing.

    2019-05-21 Byron 2364
  • How to design PCB to reduce fabrication costs

    How to save cost is very important in today’s competitive market, Here I will show you four main factors affecting PCB fabrication cost, In PCB design, Hope this may help you and your company

    2019-05-17 Andy 2183
  • How to Custom PCB Manufacturing

    With the rapid development of the market economy and technological innovation, the rise of the electronic product industry has become an inevitable trend of social development and has been widely applied and become a leading industry

    2021-03-15 luna 2239
  • Where to find a low quantity PCB manufacturer in China

    When we design an electronic project, usually we will need to make some samples to test to make sure our design is right, then we can increase the production quantity to get a good price and have a good sale on market.

    2019-05-09 peter 2327
  • What is the Small PCB Fabrication flow path

    Many engineer and purchase want to find a supplier to production them PCB direct, but they do not know what is the small PCB fabrication flow path and how to calculate the cost

    2019-05-06 Andy 2532
  • The Importance Of Multi-layer Board

    ​As the development of electronic technology, multi-layer PCBs has been widely applied for all kinds of electronics products to satisfy the more complicated requirement in function.

    2019-05-05 joey 2627
  • Circuit Board PCB Assembly Manufacturing Process

    Circuit Board PCB Assembly Manufacturing Process Electronics has been applied to every aspect of our lives, we all know circuit board PCB is the core of those electronics, but, do you know how it's made, and functionally applied for your electronics devices?

    2019-04-30 Byron 2841
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