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  • What is LED Circuit Board?

    LED Circuit board is widely used in PCB industry. It has a lot of advantages and could be used in various applications. Please feel free to contact us for a quotation.

    2021-01-24 Simon 288
  • How to Test A Circuit Board?

    When you want to test the circuit board, generally you need to test those different parts like relay, diodes, transistor and fuse separately, check this out and learn how to test them one by one.

    2021-01-18 Simon 413
  • What is Ball Grid Array Soldering on PCB?

    Ball Grid Array Soldering, also known as BGA soldering is becoming the key alternative of packaging high input and output devices as the present-day industry demands.

    2021-01-13 Simon 266
  • Useful Tips for PCB Cleaning

    Cleaning printed circuit boards is not as challenging as it appears. Read on to learn more about PCB cleaning.

    2021-01-01 Simon 302
  • Blind Vias and Buried Vias

    Blind and buried vias are both great options if you are looking to add more density, connections, lines, or pads to your PCB than the size seems to allow for.

    2021-01-01 Simon 338
  • Everything About Printed Circuit Board(PCB) Layers

    A Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is a medium used to connect and support electric components in electrical devices. A standard motherboard contains sheet layers of cooper that are laminated onto or between layers of conductive material.

    2020-12-09 Simon 571
  • How to Desolder PCB Capacitors

    Sometimes we need to desolder the PCB capacitors for different purposes, we'll show you two different ways about how to desolder capacitors step by step.

    2020-11-21 Simon 578
  • How to Cut PCB

    Sometime we need to cut PCB ourselves for a lot of reasons, so we are here to explain the benefits of cutting pcb and the processes for how to cut pcb in details.

    2020-11-16 Simon 534
  • How to Clean Flux from PCB

    We are here to explain why we need to clean flux from pcb and shows you 3 different methods to help clean the pcb flux in details steps.

    2020-11-18 Simon 767
  • How to Make A Circuit Board For Kids

    Why is it important to make a circuit board for kids and what's the top 5 circuit boards suitable for them to play.

    2020-10-29 Simon 784
  • How to Tell If A Circuit Board Is Bad

    In this article, we are telling you how to check if a PCB is bad and four common causes of PCB failure.

    2021-04-11 Simon 726
  • How to Repair PCB Trace

    This is a detail instructive article shows you how to diagnose the trace PCB damage and step by step tutorial about how to repair PCB trace.

    2020-10-28 Simon 646
  • When to Use Custom PCB Prototype and Assembly

    For all the electronic PCB products, it is better to make some PCB prototypes before mass production, you can test the boards to find any design flawsin PCB fabrication based on that design

    2019-07-15 luna 2243
  • What is PCB fabrication prototype

    PCB fabrication prototype refers to the trial production of printed circuit boards before mass production. The main application is the process of small batch trial production to the factory after the engineer designs the circuit to complete the PCB

    2019-07-15 Andy 2343
  • What Files Are Required For Your PCB Manufacturing And Assembling?

    In order to meet more demands from different electronics engineers, tons of design software and tools appear for them to choose and use, some are even for free.

    2019-07-04 Byron 1826
  • What Are Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC)?

    Flexible Printed Circuit Board, also known as "FPC ", it’s mainly composed of CU (Copperfoil), A(Adhesive) and PI (Kapton, Polyimide), which has many advantages that rigid printed circuit boards do not have

    2021-01-09 joey 2626
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