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Teach you how to choose a suitable PCB factory

Fannie / 2018-01-09

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High-precision electronic products generally go through three stages: R & D, trial production, mass production, how to choose the PCB factory in different periods? Many circuit designers and purchasing can not find the right supplier accurately.


Sample plate

Good price with poor quality or high quality with expensive price


Batch:Batch small big factory not to do, give the factory price to do not appropriate, quality is not guaranteed.


When we choose PCB manufacturers, it is best to first figure out the market positioning of each supplier, so as to obtain reasonable prices and good service, otherwise it can only be a touch on the nose, and then choose a compromise solution, and sometimes let I am very uncomfortable.


Some problems encountered during the research and development phase, race against time, repeated tests.A lot of times it's been chased by a client, sometimes having to rush through.


There is an error, it's time, the product quality and production speed of the board is a certain relationship, such as 1-2 days for urgent, most of the time in the process of production will ignore some important testing or lower testing standard, when such a product in handing r&d staff, quality is a discount, but because developers are usually in order to test the product performance and achieve the effect, the urgent production still have the needs of the marke


Often the speed is not up, when the R & D personnel welding components, but fail to test results, it takes a long time to investigate, which is far more than the time required to to use the PCB quality assurance more Long, but to the So from the economic and speed of the comprehensive consideration or choose to have a better protection. Some plants provide slower cycles than others of their kind, not because they have lowered standards, mainly because of the technical level to be improved


Take the double panel as an example, the sample preparation cycle is reasonable in 3-9 days. Such a factory can guarantee the quality of the products, and can also provide small quantities of 5-20 square meters for the customers' needs within this time frame , While the price will not be low, generally between 700-1200, if some manufacturers to give you a cheaper price, you have to pay special attention to product quality, while its service quality should be strict requirements.


If you do not bad money, there is a reasonable development plan, then select some stable delivery, and quality assurance PCB manufacturers is very necessary. Why do you say that?


Such a single factory blindly seeking fast, low prices, to the customer's board 10 6,7 will produce some problems in the test, no matter for what consideration, this loss is not only the impact of the development cycle, but also There is a company's honor, more likely to crisis people's lives.


When your factory is in the ascendant stage and the product is put into trial operation, the complaints against many customers must be avoided. Because the more customers complain, the greater the market impact on your products. Now the electronic market is changing rapidly. Time just because a small device, a small PCB may lead to the loss of a large number of customers, the loss of PCB small workshop will not be undertaken, the lawsuit is without purpose! Small market investment quality, big market investment efficiency. Many domestic enterprises are transformed from foundry, as their own brand, the most common is the rapid occupation of the market, and quickly lost the customer. Correct the main reason is the cottage mischief, and themselves also reduce the quality of lower costs


Do products and do people to be the same, a little small defects will to erase a lot of advantages, at the time of cost savings for the company, also want to consider the company's reputation, and subsequent product cost (maintenance).


When your product goes through research and development as well as small batches to market, it is important to choose a reliable partner to make the company green!


Welcome to use PCBA STORE (Excellent PCB & PCBA factory with 12years experience) to be your good assistant for you calculate PCB & PCBA cost online!

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