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The Detection Method of The Circuit Board Fault

Peter / 2019-04-23

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First, carefully observe the surface of the faulty circuit board for obvious signs of failure. Such as: whether the scorched burning integrated IC Or other components, the circuit board is broken traces of break.

Understand the process of fault occurrence, analyze the reason of the fault and infer the possible parts of faulty device

To understand and analyze the nature of the application of fault circuit board, statistics used in the type of integrated IC.According to the location of various types of integrated IC, the size of the possibility of failure to sort.

Using a variety of detection methods, according to the probability of the order of detection in order to gradually narrow the scope of failure.

Determine the specific fault device, the replacement of a good integrated IC, it is best to first install a IC device socket to try.

If the installation test is still not normal, it should be tested again until all the faults on the faulty circuit board are overhauled.

Circuit board repair matters needing attention.

When you get the faulty circuit board to be repaired, you should first ask the user the entire equipment fault phenomenon and ask the user how to locate the circuit board, for example: whether the user replaces the same good circuit board, whether the equipment has been tested Check the program has a clear error code of the circuit board and so on. This is the beginning of an analytical study in maintenance.

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