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The Importance Of Multi-layer Board

joey / 2019-05-05

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As the development of electronic technology, multi-layer PCBs has been widely applied for all kinds of electronics products to satisfy the more complicated requirement in function.

Multilayer PCB Applications

So where is it used, the answer is anywhere, for example?

Consumer Electronics, Aerospace, Automotive, Military and Defense, Computer Electronics, Telecommunications, Industrial, Medical Devices are perfect applications for multilayer PCBs.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Multi-Layer PCB

There are numerous advantages to utilizing multilayer PCBs, The most obvious of which is the size of the PCB. Because of their design, multilayer PCBs are inherently smaller than traditional PCBs.

Multilayer PCBs generally provide better quality than normal PCBs

This multilayer PCBs invaluable for small electronics.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Multi-Layer PCB

Such as high cost, long production cycle, high requirement of the testing method. such issues as crosstalk and impedance problems.



Multilayer PCB Manufacturing Process

Producing PCB is a complex process of many steps. This overview covers the most important steps When producing a multilayer PCB.

Pre Production Engineering-Material issue-Inner layer-Inner layer etch-Inner layer AOI-Lamination-Drilling-Plated Through Hole-Panel plating-Pattern plate-plating-Outer layer etch-Outer layer AOI -Via hole plugging-Solder mask-legend Printing-Surface finish-Profile- Electrical Test-Final inspection-Packaging


How To Reduce The Cost Of Multilayer Boards

With the cost down of electronic equipment, everyone wants cheaper and cheaper prices.

Before designing, you can consider the following design specifications to reduce your cost.

It is more economical to manufacture a circuit board with even layers rather than an odd number of layers.

If your design permits it, consider building a PCB with fewer layers.

Vias that are blind or buried will end up costing more.

Round through-holes, as compared to slotted or square ones reduce the overall cost and time.

Relaxed tolerances cost less compared to tight tolerances.

The lower the width and spacing of conductors, the higher the cost.

The overall PCB costs can be reduced drastically by manufacturing them in bulk quantities.

Ensure that the PCB layout is in perfect condition in the designing stage. A wrong design will ruin the PCB and increase your costs. 

PCBASTORE for Multilayer PCBA Manufacturing

PCBASTORE Services has a wealth of expertise in the manufacture, and supply of multi-layer PCBs. If you require multilayer PCB manufacturing or assembly, please leave a reply here.  sales07@pcbastore.com or contact us and we will do our best to assist you!