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Why is my PCB Assembly Quote so Expensive?

Fannie / 2018-01-09

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Sometimes you may find when you need to assembly some pcb board but with very high cost, for many reason here I want to show you how to reduce assembly cost.

PCBA Store offers economical PCB assembly quote to its consumers. We take all necessary steps and follow up to date processes to deliver quality product at reasonable prices. You can effortlessly contact us and get the details about circuit board assembly quote from our executives. Our team analyses all aspects and considers a number of elements while devising a quote.

The elements affecting the circuit board assembly quote are BOM lines, number of PCBs, double-sided SMT assembly, a number of THT, leadless, fine pitch, BGA components, lead-free assembly, turnaround time, etc. It is desirable to carefully select the options while assembling such as unused components should be avoided which can reduce the assembly time. Soldering process should be selected as per the requirement of a project. Also, our team suggests to use cheap cross reference parts with requisite quality to reduce the BOM and assembly cost. Furthermore, customers should select lead-less and fine pitch parts only if it is extremely necessary in the project, as they require a special assembly process which increases the price.

Your PCB assembly quote can turn expensive, if you opt for double-sided assembly. The reason is that it requires duplication of the whole process of placing the components on either of the sides of the circuit board. It also needs added SMT machine programming, solder stencil making, etc. which leads to the escalation in the PCB assembly cost. The price may increase with the selection of lead free assembly option. However, we proceed with lead-free assembly only on your specific instructions. Lead-free processing needs the use of modern soldering system and highly experienced engineers which lead to rise in the cost.

The PCB assembly quote can be costly due to fine pitch and leadless components. This is because they require a unique assembly process and inspection techniques. Before proceeding to place a final order, it is always suggested to understand the exact impact of fine pitch and leadless parts on the final quote.

The quicker the turnaround time is desired the more will be the PCB assembly quote. All the elements are considered and final quote is delivered with expected turnaround time and cost.

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