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What are the main materials of FPC flexible circuit board?

peter / 2017-11-30

Flexible Circuit board (FPC) is a highly reliable, Flexible Printed Circuit board with polyimide or polyester film as base material.It has the characteristics of high density, light weight, thin thickness and good bending.

A common FPC consists of two materials: substrate + protective film, The base material is mainly composed of PI or PET+ glue + copper.

PI is the "polyimide" insulation resin material, which is characterized by high temperature resistance, good bending performance, good reliability of the products produced, and is more than twice the price of PET, which is the main material of FPC.

PET is the "polyester" insulating resin material, which is the opposite of PI, and the general FPC factory has rarely adopted it.

The glue and the copper you know, the copper is the conductor, and the glue is to glue the copper to the PI or the PET,

The base board, which is eventually made into FPC, is the substrate or substrate, which is equivalent to the base board of the PCB.

In terms of the protective film, the protective membrane is the surface insulation layer of the FPC.

A layer of insulating layer similar to PCB ink that is attached to the substrate to prevent oxidation and short circuit after the circuit is finished. It is also composed of a rubber and PI insulation layer.

The difference between FPC reinforcing material FR4 and PI:

They are made of hard materials for the strengthening and easy installation of the area of the soft plate in order to carry the area of the element.

FR4 is glass fiber epoxy resin composite reinforcement, low water absorption rate, good durability and good bending strength.

The price of PI (polyimide, polyimide) is high, but its resistance is good.

Hope above information will helpful for you to finish your flex board design!

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