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Very simply HDI Presentation: What and Where to USE

Emma Mai / 2017-11-30

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These days , more and more people ask me to make HDI PCB for them . 

Then what is HDI PCB ?

HDI PCB , full name is High Density Interconnection Technology Prited Circuit Board . It’s a technology of using mini blind and burried hole , a relatively high density distribution circuit board. HDI is designed for small capacity users of compact products . 

HDI PCB Hole : When drill hole , we would normally use laser device to do it . And the mini hole would be 4 mil . 

1. Buried hole , normally , we couldn’t see it . Cause it bury inside of the PCB

2. Blind hole , we could see it , but just one side . 

For example , blind hole of 4 layer PCB

What’s the line width and space of HDI ?

Normally speaking ,line width and space depend on copper thickness . The thinner the smaller .

PCBA STORE could make mini line width and space : 2.5mil , also 3mil and 4 mil . 

Where would often use HDI PCB ?

These products would use HDI PCB :  Computer , Substructure , Mobile phone , Communication system and some consumption products , like digital camera . If you want to make these kind products , you could contact  me .

Want to know more about HDI PCB ?

You would know where to find me - reply here .