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Where to find a low quantity PCB manufacturer in China

peter / 2019-05-09

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When we design an electronic project, usually we will need to make some samples to test to make sure our design is right, then we can increase the production quantity to get a good price and have a good sale on market.


Problems come out now, for low quantity production will have much higher unit cost compare to the batch production, it will need us to invest much money at the beginning and bare much risk too. So we must try our best to control the project cost, surely quality and time is also very very important!


As we all know, China is a manufacturer center of electronic products, especially in Shenzhen. We have a project at the beginning in 2018, at that time, I try to find a PCB supplier in Shenzhen to supply us one turn-key service. We are lucky to meet PCBASTORE and have very nice cooperation, with their support, our products have a very good market in Europe and North America Market.


Below is some information I get from PCBASTORE sales Peter Lee, we will be happy to share their information here:

PCBASTORE founded 12 years yet, has rich experience in PCB industry,during our long terms cooperation with our customer, we find many customers will meet below trouble: MOQ requirement, high set up SMT charge, many extra parts required then actual need parts quantity, which leading the sample cost to be very high. To help customer to finish low quantity order, PCBASTORE builds professional Team to do low quantity PCB order for most start-up companies.


Our price structure makes your purchase of low-volume PCBs the most satisfied one.

Try our instant online quote to get the price. We understand the price of low-volume PCBs is critical for your profit, so we will not limit your order quantity.



Quality will be another consideration for long terms of cooperation. We will never sacrifice on quality though our price is so competitive. We guarantee quality through different types of check and test.

Due to a large number of customers and orders for small and medium-sized batch PCB board manufacturers, they will inevitably put forward higher requirements for their management and sales, such as short delivery time and high-quality conditions.


The delivery of low-volume orders can be as quick as prototyping if you choose the same courier services. In case you need a more budgetary way of shipping, please contact our salespeople for other choices.


When you read this blog, I hope it will be helpful for you!


If you have any comments or suggestions about this post, please leave a reply here or contact us and we will do our best to assist you!