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How to control your PCB cost?

Peter / 2018-01-11

Recently, the PCB factory continuously sent the price increase notice, because of the price increase of raw materials, higher processing cost, etc., how to calculate and control the cost of PCB board?, the diversity of PCB processing price has its intrinsic inevitable factors, control the cost of PCB, accounting for the board of cost price, Spend less money to finish your project,then your boss will be very happy.

The following is to provide a general price range for reference, and of course, the price is directly related to the manufacturer.

1. The different materials used in PCB cause the diversity of prices

Ordinary double panel as an example, the sheet generally have FR4 (born yi ji, built deep, countries, three kinds of price top-down), thickness varies from 0.2 mm to 3.0 mm, oz copper thickness from 0.5 to 3 oz is different, all of these on the sheet a creates a huge price difference;

In the case of welding ink, ordinary thermosetting oil and light-sensitive green oil also have a certain price difference.

2. Different surface treatment processes create a variety of prices

Common include: OSP (antioxidant), lead spray tin, lead-free spray tin (environmental protection), gold plating, sinker and some combination process, etc. The above process price is more and more expensive.

3. The price diversity caused by different difficulty of PCB itself

Each of the two circuit boards has 1,000 holes, and the diameter of one plate aperture is greater than 0.2mm and the hole diameter of the other plate is less than 0.2mm.

If the two kinds of circuit boards are the same, but the line width is different, one is greater than 4mil, and the other is less than 4mil, which can also cause different production costs.

Secondly, there are some designs that do not follow the normal process of the process, such as half hole, blind hole, intraday hole, and keypad printing of carbon oil.

4. Different thickness of copper foil causes price diversity

Common copper platinum is: 18um (1/2oz), 35um (1OZ), 70um (2OZ), 105um (3OZ), 140um (4OZ), etc., and the above copper foil thickness is more and more expensive.

5. Customer quality acceptance criteria

Commonly used: IPC2, IPC3, enterprise standard, military standard, etc., the higher the standard, the higher the price.

6. Mould fee and test rack

(1) mould cost, sample and small batch plate factory is commonly used form of drilling and milling, won't charge other edge milling, when doing mass requires open mould plate, so it has a set of mould fees, board factory general offer up 1000 yuan.

(2) test fee: the sample is generally used for flying needle test, and the board factory generally collects the test fee of 100-400 yuan;

The test rack will be tested in batches, and the price of the test rack will be between 1000-1500 yuan.

7. Differences in prices caused by different payment methods

The shorter the payment method, such as cash payment, will be lower.

8. Order quantity/delivery time

(1) the smaller the quantity, the more expensive it is, because even if you do 1PCS, the factory will have to do the engineering materials, and the film will not be necessary

(2) delivery: deliver PCB factory data to complete (gerber data, plate layer, sheet, plate thickness, surface treatment do, ink color, color characters and some special requirements to write clear)

Through the above it is not hard to see, the diversity of PCB processing price has its intrinsic inevitable factors, this article only can provide a rough price range, for reference, the specific price, of course, is to contact manufacturers directly.

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