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Print PCB online is reliable?

Fannie / 2019-05-22

Usually, when we need to buy something, we will need to take some time to know the product, about its’ price, quality, function,etc, then we will decide how to order. It’s a very complicated selection base on many different factors, simply to summarize, we will need trust the vendor, then we will decide to pay money.

In foreign trade, the basic method is communicated by email, it is more formal and business. We are used to using email to do business, but email also has some defects like slow feedback, sometimes will need to wait for a long time then they can get a reply, even can't get a reply forever, since the email went into a rubbish box. To improve this problem, we find some companies are using a new business method, that is online shopping! This is not a new word, but for some industry, it is very fresh and many purchaser or engineer may not familiar about that.

Take PCB as an example, usually, the customer will provide a project file to the PCB plant to get an offer, if order PCB online, then it will be much convenient. Since the PCB cost will come out at once, here I do not want to talk too much about the convenience, but want to discuss if print PCB online is reliable? Or how to make sure print PCB online to be reliable?

When you decide to order PCB online, I will suggest you should check with the supplier if they can supply some relative certification or ask some professional problems in the PCB industry to see if the sales are professional, this will help you have a basic knowledge about the vendor, if you can trust the sales, then you can try a PCB order online.

In fact, print PCB online has not much difference with traditional procurement, it is just a new platform which can bring much convenience to the buyer,  when you meet excellent supplier then they can develop your project very well.


If you are interested to have a try online PCB order, I will suggest you try to register at PCBASTORE,

also you can contact me directly if you have any PCB & PCBA project.