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Does Print PCB Online Is Reliable?

Fannie / 2021-03-03

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Introduction About Print PCB Online

Usually, when we need to buy something, we will need to take some time to know the product, about its' price, quality, function,etc, then we will decide how to order. It's a very complicated selection base on many different factors, simply to summarize, we will need trust the vendor, then we will decide to pay money.

Take PCB as an example, usually, the customer will provide a project file to the PCB plant to get an offer, if order PCB online, then it will be much convenient.  Since PCB or Printed Circuit Board are found in almost every electronic device we use. You may have realized how hard it is to print PCB online. What are the benefits of printing PCB online, and how can you print PCB online? In this post, you will discover why it is beneficial to design PCB online and how to do it like a pro.

Why Print PCB Online?

1. Time-Saving

Printing PCB online is time-saving since everything is in one place simultaneously, and you will be able to access them easily.

2. Fix Problems

While printing a PCB online, you can test it out during the design process and assess how it works. This hinders any chance of making mistakes during the process. If there are any, you can fix them as you progress with the design.

3. It allows you to See the Model

Printing PCB online gives you a sneak peek into the final product and how it looks like. If there are any last-minute changes, you can alter them without hassle.

Steps of Printing PCB Online

1. Plan the Custom PCB Design

First, draw a circuit diagram on a piece of paper. Then make a prototype on a breadboard to test the circuit. Adjust the circuit drawing accordingly until you are satisfied. Once you have a functioning circuit, you can finalize the software design.

2. Make a Circuit Online

You will come across a wide variety of tools to print PCB online. The most commonly used one is EasyEDA. With this tool, you can download it or use the online designer.

Since you are doing the whole process online, create an account and sign in. then click on "New Project", name the project and give it a description. Then save the project.

You will use the black canvas and some part symbols situated on the left side to make your design. Search for the part you want and ensure it has a symbol and PCB footprints.

Double click on the parts you selected and place them on the black canvas. Search for the next part and repeat the process for the remaining parts. Create the digital circuit using the hand-drawn circuit diagram. Then draw the wires by clicking on one part's end and the other part's terminal. Once you are satisfied with the design, convert the circuit into a PCB.

3. Make the PCB Design Online

You will notice a new tab with a border and parts, which you should arrange on the board. Ensure you place those parts physically closer which are connected directly to make routing less complicated. Begin routing once you have placed all the components.

PCB routing is the process of adding PCB traces that will link the parts. EasyEDA has an Autorouter tool to make the traces for you. Save the PCB files once you are happy with the traces and have double-checked the routes.

4. Preview

Finally, 3D preview the product before to ensure it is what you want. Lastly, download the PCB files and send them to any PCB manufacturer.

When you decide to order PCB online, I will suggest you should check with the supplier if they can supply some relative certification or ask some professional problems in the PCB industry to see if the sales are professional, this will help you have a basic knowledge about the vendor, if you can trust the sales, then you can try a PCB order online.


In fact, print PCB online has not much difference with traditional procurement, it is just a new platform which can bring much convenience to the buyer,  when you meet excellent supplier then they can develop your project very well.

You can convert your breadboard prototypes into desirable, professionally-appealing PCBs with the above simple steps. You can create multilayer complex SMD circuits and have your PCB Layout neat and completed. Designing your PCB online is fast, and you have all the equipment and tools needed.


If you are interested to have a try online PCB order, I will suggest you try to register at PCBASTORE,

also you can contact me directly if you have any PCB & PCBA project.