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Wide Application of PCBs

Byron / 2021-07-20

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What Is Printed Circuit Board?


PCBs are specific types of boards designed to connect electronic components. These boards are essential parts of current electronic devices. Many devices cannot be manufactured without using printed circuit boards. At present, almost all industries use PCBs. Also, non-conductive materials are used to design PCBs. These boards will have pads, lines, and other features. They can connect electronic components within devices. In some PCBs, resistors, and capacitors are soldered to boost the functionality of boards.


Now different types of PCBs are available. They are used in electronic devices. A PCB can be double-sided or single-sided. Also, multilayer options are available. These boards can be flexible PCB or rigid PCB. They can combine both as well. The type and flexibility will vary based on the applications.


Common Applications of PCBs


In the current condition, PCBs are used in many industries. The PCB design applications can range from small devices to heavy types of machinery. Yes, the design and material will not be the same for different applications. Here are the most common PCB applications.




The healthcare industry is growing fast. Now, the industry has embraced advanced technologies to create better health solutions. The PCBs have made their way to monitoring devices, diagnostic devices, and treatments. However, the PCB in healthcare equipment needs to meet some strict safety standards. Special attention is given to those used for implants and emergency room monitors. Apart from implants, PCBs are used in other healthcare equipment. We can take the example of medical imaging systems, infusion pumps, monitors, and internal devices. The healthcare industry is evolving, and PCBs will always be a part of its evolution. With more technical advancements, innovations might be seen in PCBs.




The PCBs in the aerospace industry will be exposed to harsh conditions. Also, they can be used in different aerospace equipment that includes satellites, space shuttles, radio communication systems, and planes. The material of the aerospace PCBs needs to withstand extreme temperatures, high vibrations, and similar conditions. Also, some PCBs need to be capable enough to work well in outer space. The lightweight aluminum material can be more effective for aerospace equipment. When it comes to applications, PCBs can be used in power supplies. Other applications are monitoring and communication equipment.




The automotive industry uses many electronic components in vehicles. But in the past, PCBs were limited to headlight switches and windshield wipers. Today, they are used to offer safe and improved driving features. Automotive manufacturers use different types of PCBs in specific parts of the vehicle. Some can withstand high vibrations and extreme temperatures. When it comes to applications areas, you can find PCBs in navigation and entertainment systems. They are in sensors and control systems as well.


Consumer Electronics


PCBs have made their way to consumer electronics. The PCBs in smartphones have become a part of our day-to-day lives. Now, lightweight and compact laptops and smartphones are coming up. However, they are well-equipped to offer all the advanced features. The credit goes to PCBs that boot the functionality with high-volume connections. You can find PCBs in a wide range of consumer electronics. These are computers, home alliances, and communication devices.




The Telecom industry relies on PCBs to help customers with smooth connections. PCBs are not only used in smartphones, but they also have a determining role in the infrastructure. Also, the telecom sector focuses on different varieties of PCBs. When some are useful for the indoor environment, others need to be well made to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. The telecom devices that need PCBs are towers, LED indicators and displays, and communication equipment.




PCBs are used in a wide range of applications in the military. You can find these boards in vehicles, computers, firearms, communication equipment, and many other devices. However, military PCBs need to meet some specific requirements to be exceptionally durable and reliable. These devices will be exposed to harsh conditions. When the quality will be compromised, they cannot serve the purpose. Some PCB materials that include copper, aluminum, and high-temperature laminates are considered the best for military purposes. When it comes to applications, the military industry uses PCBs in control systems, communication equipment, and instrumentation.




LEDs have achieved increasing popularity. The technology is used in both commercial and residential lighting systems. You can find LED technology in the automotive, computer, and medical sectors. These lights are energy-efficient and durable. PCBs are used in these lights to transfer the heat from bulbs. However, high temperatures will minimize the lifespan of LEDs. Therefore, aluminum PCBs are considered the best to offer better durability. The material will make the product compact and ensure a proper heat transfer. You will find PCBs in storefront lighting, residential lighting, computer displays, medical lighting, and automotive displays.




You will find electronic components in many industrial sectors. However, these components need high-powered and durable PCBs. The PCBs need to be durable and strong enough to withstand extreme conditions in industrial facilities. Also, they need to be resistant to vibrating machinery, rough handling, harsh chemicals, and extreme temperatures. For extreme conditions, thermal-resistant and durable metals are considered better. Also, the industrial application PCBs will be a bit thicker compared to other types. Industrial PCBs are used in manufacturing equipment, power equipment, and measuring equipment.




Many security systems that include residential and commercial devices rely on PCBs for functioning. You cannot even realize that your security systems will not work without PCBs. Different types of PCBs are used in security systems. The type will be decided based on the application requirements. However, these PCBs need to be reliable as they will have to operate under specific conditions. Also, some security devices are installed outdoors. The PCBs in those devices should be made to withstand outdoor conditions. When it comes to PCB applications, they are used in security cameras, smoke detectors, and electronic door locks.




PCBs are used in all the industries mentioned above. However, the usages are not limited to these industries. In brief, the industries that use electronics will need PCBs. The type, design, and material will vary based on applications. However, it is important to buy quality and durable products to get the desired benefits.

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