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How You Can Reduce PCB Prototype Price?

Aries / 2019-05-29

It is wise for electronic manufacturers and businesses to first order a PCB prototype sample, the purpose of doing so is to go through testing in order to detect any potential errors and optimize for the final stage.

The engineers who are in charge of this project, of course, take into consideration of reducing PCB prototype price.

Let’s discuss the ways to make the PCB prototype more cost-effective. 

1,Optimize The Design

Optimize the PCB layout and assembly process is the smarter choice of cost down.

The goal is to make the fabrication easier and use fewer and more cost-effective parts which will significantly lower the cost of each PCB.

In the long run, this will enable your company to reduce costs and deliver high -quality PCB.

2, Panelized PCB Prototype

Pacing multiple PCBs on the same panel allows them to be processed at the same time, it really to do good for assembly.

The more PCBs on one panel, the more cost-effective it becomes.


3,Get Support From Manufactures

Get the PCB prototype supplier involved and listen to them during the design process.

Some engineering problem, such as board stack up, clearance issues, material or vias, and the other special requirements, these could cause problems in the fabrication.

By communicating and agreeing with in advance, this would give the manufacturer plenty of time to resolve any issues or offer an alternative solution.

Of course, you have enough time to choose another PCB manufacturer if they cannot meet the demands.

4,Choose A Professional Manufacturer For PCB Prototype

PCB prototype essentially is not a mature product, there may be some small errors need to be modified.

The professional PCB supplier has the ability to review the design and resolve any potential problems.

Even the skilled line workers have the possibility to propose a way to optimize assembly.

Their manufacturing expertise is a great help to shorten the delivery of pcb prototype.


5, Pay Attention To Component Procurement

When you choose the component for the boards, be sure to consider its specificity. some components will request big MOQ order,

which is not good for small pcb prototype orders.

The purchasing team should help customers find alternative parts with better price.

They will sources components from the most reputable suppliers in the industry to reduce procurement time.


The team of PCBA Store does not only pay great attention to the process of PCB prototype but also move from prototype to production more effectively.

We are ready to support you on reducing PCB cost.Contact us freely to make pcb prototype an easy part of your project.